1. Always wash by hand, with mild soap and cold water, right after use;

2. Do not store the wet piece in plastic bags or allow it to soak to avoid staining;

3. Never use washing powder, detergent, bleach or other cleaning products, as there is a risk of degrading the color. Prefer a neutral bar soap.

4. Never use a washing machine, dryer or dry cleaning machine;

5. Try to avoid contact of the part with suntan lotion, sunscreen and other chemical agents that can cause stains;

6. Avoid direct contact with rough surfaces, so as not to damage the product;

7. Remove the sand residues with the pieces still dry;

8. To increase the durability of the parts, avoid prolonged use in swimming pools with excess chlorine;

9. Attention to colors: citrus fruits have less resistance to light and sun; the whites may become transparent when wet;

10. Never use an iron and always dry the items in the shade.

11. If your piece was made by the Deep Dye manual process:

Wash by hand only and separately;

Avoid contact with light fabrics while it is damp;

The wet part, in its first uses, may loosen a light dye.